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A suicide bomber has killed 28 people at a police recruitment centre, on Sunday 03/08/2009 at about 10:00, in the Iraqi capital Baghdad, police say.  At least 57 other people were wounded in the attack, reportedly carried out by a bomber on a motorcycle.

The blast hit would-be recruits queuing outside the academy on Palestine Street, which has been targeted at least twice before.

At least 12 people died two days earlier when a car bomb exploded at a cattle market in Babil province (see – Hilla 03.05.09). There are still almost daily violent incidents in Baghdad.

Reports suggest the bomber detonated a belt of explosives as he drove into a line of people waiting at the side entrance to the academy. Some of the dead were policemen, while others were police recruits and civilians.

The academy has been targeted before. On 12/01/2008, 15 police and recruits were killed, and another 45 people injured, in twin blasts at the building (see – Baghdad 12.01.08).

In 2005 two female suicide bombers attacked the building, killing 40 people.

Iraq has massively expanded its police and military forces over recent years as the government of Prime Minister Nouri Maliki seeks to ensure local forces can provide security.

US President Barack Obama says the US “combat mission” in Iraq will end by August 2010, with two-thirds of American troops scheduled to leave by that point (see – 18 MONTHS TO GO ).


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