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A booby-trapped Palestinian fishing boat exploded off, near the Gaza coast as it headed north toward Israeli territory in an apparent attempted terror attack, on Monday 04/13/2009 morning, the IDF said. No one was wounded in the incident ( see also – Gaza 11.04.08 ).

The Navy spotted the boat, which it said was apparently unmanned, and followed it for about an hour.  When it was some 300 meters off the Gaza coast and making its way north, the boat blew up, the army said.

The IDF said the incident bore the hallmarks of an attempted terror attack and it was examining how the explosives were detonated although it appears that the boat was controlled through a remote control device.

The IDF speculated that terrorists had detonated explosives on board the boat from afar and, because of a thick fog, had failed to estimate its correct position, missing their target, Army Radio reported.

It was unclear whether the target of the apparent attack was a Navy vessel or a site on the Israeli coast. Palestinians accused the Navy of firing a shell at the boat. Adham al-Harazine, the mastermind of the failed attempt, was killed by the Israeli Army on 03/22/2011 (see – Beersheva 02.23.11).

On 11/21/2002, four sailors were wounded when Palestinians detonated a fishing boat laden with explosives next to a navy patrol off the northern Gaza coast. Two Palestinians seen on board were killed in the blast. The PALESTINIAN Islamic Jihad claimed responsibility for the 2002 attack.


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