Who am I

As an Israeli citizen, living in the Galilee and in the Middle East I, naturally, experienced the conflict that my country has with her neighbors. I always tried to understand the aspirations as well as the frustrations of the Arab Muslim world around us.
Ever since my studies in Haifa University of History of the Middle East and Arabic, in the 70’s, I came to the conclusion that the Israeli – Arab conflict is a genuine conflict on its own about territories and national identity but also, at the same time, a part of a much larger conflict between the Western industrialized and democratic world, with a colonial and imperial legacy, and the Muslim world with its pride and glorious heritage.
This site is an attempt to understand the full phenomenon of our time – The Global Jihad.


The site is only in English and everybody is invited to send an article or to share their views in the forum but is asked to write in relevance to the subject and to refrain from personal attacks or abusive language. All points of view are welcome.
I reserve the right not to publish articles or comments that are with improper language or not relevant to the subject, according to my judgment.

dani reshef

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