Global Jihad

The 21st Century Phenomenon




Mohand al-Shehri was born in Asir province in Saudi Arabia near the border with Yemen 07/05/1979. Mohand al-Shehri was a student in the Imam Saud local-university in Al-Baha. As Mohand al-Shehris’ devotion to the Wahabisem radical-interpretation of Islam grew he moved to the Al-Qasim region, in central-Saudi Arabia, that is the traditional-center of Wahabisem. Continue reading


Fayez Banihammad was born in UAE to a family originally from Asir province in Saudi Arabia near the border with Yemen. Fayez Banihammad left home in early 2000 as he said to his family in Asir – to work with a relief Muslim agency. Continue reading


The two brothers Hamza al-Ghamdi and Ahmed al-Ghamdi were born in Al-Baha, an isolated mountainous region on the southern coast of the Red Sea. The brothers had family affiliation to Ahmed al-Haznawi and Saeed al-Ghamdi both became later muscle hijackers on flight 93 Team in The 9/11. Continue reading


Ahmed Ajaj, a Palestinian, was born in 1966 in Jordan, the West Bank that was at that time a part of the Jordanian kingdom. Sometime in the late 80th Ahmed Ajaj immigrated to Houston, Texas, USA and worked as a pizza delivery driver. In Huston Ahmed Ajaj got acquainted with another Palestinian Mohammed Salameh, later a member of the Al Farook Mosque in Brooklyn, New York. Continue reading


According to intelligence officials in Pakistan on 03/02/2007 Mullah Obaidullah Akhund, said to be a leader in the Taleban insurgency in Afghanistan, was reportedly seized in the south-western city of Quetta. Continue reading


Oî the 07/16/2001 a meeting took place in Salou, resort near Tarragona, about 100 km south of Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain. In this meeting at Tarragona participated some of the most dangerous terrorist that later carried out the 9/11 with others that had connections to the Madrid trains bombing on 03/11/2004. Most of the participants in Tarragona meeting were already known to the security services in Europe and USA. Continue reading


The announcement made by Saudi Arabia, with Egyptian consent, on Friday 07/14/2006, two days after the break of war in Lebanon and on the eve of the Arab League convening on the issue of the war, was most unconventional in the political agenda of the Middle East where, automatically, Israel is blamed for every occurrence:” factors in Lebanon and whoever stands behind them are the sole bearers of responsibility”. Continue reading


On the morning of 07/07/2005 , the opening day of the G-8 convention in Edinburgh, Scotland, and the day after the public confirmation that London will host the next 2012 Olympic games, four young Muslims from Leeds area, about 200 km North to London, arrived to King’s Cross central railway station in London at about 08:30 . Continue reading